Meinung: BlackBerry OS10 Reflektionen

Ich erlaube mir, hier einen Post von CrackBerry wiederzugeben:

I’m an IT guy without many needs. BlackBerry is perfect for what I want to do. I can’t be bothered with tech other than Blackberry.

I watch movies, listen to songs, edit pics and even create music with my BlackBerry devices during my leisure. File transfer is so simple it’s ridiculous.

Browsing is fast and I find what I search for. I am 1% of the market.

I adhere to the pragmatic and don’t believe I need to be force-fed what I think I should have. So no thanks Apple, Google or Windows.

And thank you to the developers who still maintain and update apps for BlackBerry. Some still appreciate the hard work and you haven’t let me down.

Posted via BlackBerry Passport

Und ich finde einfach, er hat recht. Thanks to NCA510.



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